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Three french soldiers attacked outside jewish centre in nice town of germany

Three french soldiers attacked outside jewish centre in nice town of germany

French soldiers are accused of shooting the soldier who tried to rob them, as he ran away.

Local reports say that about 30 soldiers stormed into the jewish centre in Pontoises-le-Pechet about midnight on Thursday.

In a sign of tensions that have flared in the small t우리카지노own, two women were attacked after a gunman opened fire on them outside the centre, witnesses reported.

The alleged gunman, believed to be a 17-year-old from Germany, ran from the scene in a white car and a man from a neighbouring suburb.

According to the local newspaper, a couple were forced to stop their car in the street to take refuge in the house they were hiding in, where two armed officers appeared and confronted them.

Witness Jean-Michel Gassini said: “They fired sevjarvees.comeral shots at them.

“The girl was already down, bleeding from head and chest from the bullets, but she managed to get up and get some help and run from the area.”

A neighbour called police to report that an armed French soldier had been shot outside the synagogue, which is housed in a modern building. Police stormed the building and arrested the soldier after he made it inside.

French authorities have confirmed that the soldier was “born in Ghent” (Hebrew) and that he was serving in the 12th armoured brigade withjarvees.com the 5th battalion of the 7th arrondissement (Nunavistark).

Police later confirmed that the soldier had suffered a single gunshot wound to the shoulder but it was not clear if it was a serious injury. He has been placed under the care of the military, the newspaper added.

There have also been reports that the gunman also shot at one of the women walking outside, who later died of her injuries.

The woman was in a car that had come under fire from the soldiers, who came out and shot one of the armed troops in the arm.

Both victims have been rushed to the Roussillon hospital, which opened this week.

A spokeswoman for the Jewish community in the town said: “We have seen armed and violent people attacking the town centre. We are praying for the soldier and his wife. It is tragic that the attack took place.”

It was not immediately clear why the soldier was in the synagogue but Gassini added: “It’s impossible to tell what’s actually happening in jewish centers in