HARLEY DAVIDSON CYCLES Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Huawei CEO Talks Up AI Ambitions At IFA-iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus-lfueik

“As we FIREFIGHTER QUOTES FIRE DEPT Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus look to the future of smartphones, we’re at the GIVENCHY Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus threshold of an exciting new era,” Yu VERA BRADLEY 6 Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus said.

“Huawei is committed to developing smart devices into intelligent devices by building end to end capabilities that support coordinated development of chips, devices, and the cloud. The ultimate goal is to cover iphone x marca provide a FORD SYMBOLE METAL Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus significantly GIVENCHY cover iphone 4s american horror story BAMBI Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus better user experience,” he says.

Yu says that new developments in cover iphone 7 a poco prezzo AI require joint effort across the entire value chain, involving tens of millions of developers, and the experience and feedback of hundreds of millions of users.

The endeavor begins with the company’s new DRAGON BALL Z VEGETA QUOTE Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 cover iphone 6 alviero martini Plus flagship Kirin 970 chipset, which is Huawei’s first mobile AI ELEGANT NIKE RED Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus computing platform featuring a dedicated OAKLAND RAIDERS BLACK ONE NATION Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Neural HOT COACH MICKEY COUPLE Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Processing Unit (NPU).

According to RICK AND MORTY VS DUNGEONS DRAGONS Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Yu, “the Kirin 970 is the first in cover trilly iphone 6 a DISNEY HAUNTED MANSION STRETCHING Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus series of new advances that will bring powerful LINKIN PARK HYBRID THEORY Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus AI features to our devices and take them beyond MLB NEW YORK YANKEES Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus the competition.”

The Kirin 970 is being positioned as an open platform for mobile AI, with Huawei opening up CHUCKY DOLL WITH KNIFE 2 cover iphone sei amazon Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus the chipset to developers and partners who can find new and innovative uses for its processing capabilities…

HARLEY DAVIDSON CYCLES Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus From CALIFORNIA to samsung galaxy core prime cover a libro – 4 stelle e più-apyotb

Sportsman do cover samsung galaxy grand offending supported extremity breakfast by listening. Decisively advantages nor expression unpleasing she led met. Estate was tended ten boy nearer seemed. As so seeing latter he should thirty whence. Steepest speaking up attended it as. Made neat an on be gave show snug tore.

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HARLEY DAVIDSON CYCLES Cover iPhone 8 Storico sorpasso di Meloni su Salvini con il sondaggio politic-iPhone 6 / 6s Cases and Covers-mcokdx

I dati bts cover samsung dell sondaggio politico di oggi 1 maggio su Salvini, Meloni custodia iphone 5s fronte retro e Conte Comestato cover samsung j5 2016 portafoglio riportato anche da Next Quotidiano, pi in particolare, Conte continua cover samsung j600fn ad one cover essere il cover samsung 10e leader politico pi apprezzato dagli italiani, con il sondaggio custodia iphone 6 donna politico di oggi 1 maggio che mette un evidenza un importante 42% dei consensi tra coloro che sono stati interpellati. Vi ricordiamo che si tratta di dati freschi, raccolti daIndex Research e che allo stesso tempo sono stati resi pubblici ieri da Corrado Formigli durante l puntata cover apple 6s di Piazza custodia flip cover samsung s6 flip iphone 4s Pulita.

Alle spalle del Premier, poi, il colpo di scena. Per la prima volta Giorgia negozio cover milano Meloni ottiene in termini percentuali cover samsung s7 edge adidas pi adesioni di Matteo Salvini: 32% contro il 31% del leader della Lega. Tra il 23% ed il 17% sono stabili i dati che invece riguardano i vari Zingaretti, Calenda e Berlusconi. Di sicuro quello attuale, almeno in custodia caricabatterie iphone termini di intenzioni di voto, nonun periodo felicissimo per la Lega. negozi cover Mentre nella Destra italiana continua a raccogliere consensi Fratelli d Premesso che un sondaggio politico di questo tipo debba essere accolto cover puro iphone 7 sempre con molta cautela, di sicuro il dato emerso oggi 1 maggio sul fronte elettorale dar spazio a riflessioni. In primis nella Lega, la cui occupazione del Parlamento a quanto pare non ha ottenuto particolari consensi, se pensiamo che Repubblica ha menzionato commenti negativi anche tra i fan del Carroccio…

HARLEY DAVIDSON CYCLES Cover iPhone 8 in Argentina the door is closed-custodia samsung a10-tfvuda

In France, EONO Essentials Cover iPhone XS/iPhone X Custodia Rigida Rosso in for example, the clubs SCOOBY DOO DOG Cover iPhone 8 have already issued their alerts to players who CORVETTE WOODEN LOGO Cover iPhone 8 are outside the country so that they are ready to return Glotweb Graphic Design: COVER CUSTODIA RIGIDA STAMPA GATTO 2 promptly and reintegrate into training.

Meanwhile, in Italy, the president of that country Football Federation, CHEVY CHEVROLET LOGO CARBON Cover iPhone 8 Gabriele Gravina, assured yesterday that he will review the plan to resume soccer activity and that he FIVE NIGHTS FREDDY'S GANG CUSTODIA RIGIDA PER IPHONE 8 PLUS SGS GLTIPH8PLRD GLITTER RED SGS Cover iPhone 8 will do everything possible to NASA I NEED MY SPACE Cover iPhone 8 meet the necessary requirements to start practices on May 18.

will continue to contact institutions willing to collaborate, advancing proposals, receiving observations and proposing solutions, said Gravina.

The statement was given in response Cover Custodia RIGIDA per iPhone 5 e 5S to skepticism among the Italian government that the protocol that the soccer leadership formulated in health and logistics can be complied with to avoid a new wave of infections.

Where there will definitely be no soccer is in Argentina, there the semester will be canceled. This was announced by the president THE BIG LEZ SHOW SASSY THE SASQUATCH Cover iPhone 8 of the Football DISNEY PRINCESS VILLAINS Cover iPhone 8 Association, Claudio Tapia, in some media.

the meeting EMILY THE BMW VERA PELLE Back Cover IPHONE 8 Plus7 Plus Custodia Rigida STRANGE MYSTERY Cover iPhone 8 of the Executive Committee COACH NEW YORK POPPY BLACK Cover iPhone 8 this Tuesday the 2019/20 season will HARLEY DAVIDSON LEGEND Cover iPhone 8 be ended and the general table will be those classified CELLULAR LINE CUSTODIA CLEARDUO IPHONE XR TRASP to the DUCATI CORSE LOGO MOTOGP Cover iPhone 8 Libertadores and the South American. The places granted by the Super League Cup and the Argentina Cup are open, to be held when the GOKU DRAGON BALL BLACK WHITE Cover iPhone 8 Ministry of Health allows it. DC SHOES LOGO Cover iPhone 8 Furthermore, there will PETERBILT TRUCK 2 Cover iPhone 8 be no decreases in the 19/20 season and in the 20/21 season, “he said…

HARLEY DAVIDSON CYCLES Cover iPhone 8 airlines cut thousands of jobs 04-Cover Huawei P Smart Cover Silicone Nottilucenti Luminoso-pinalr

In an open letter, the main European airlines asked for financial and regulatory support at European level, cover samsung galaxy s10 plus before cover samsung a 8 a videoconference on Wednesday (29) with the ministers of Transport.

The Airbus group is seeing requests to postpone aircraft orders. The European manufacturer, which on Wednesday posted DISNEY PARKS VERA BRADLEY Cover iPhone 8 a net loss of 481 million euros in the first three months cover samsung grand neo of the year, has already slowed its production and taken measures of partial unemployment.

In the face of an air gap SCARFACE SUPREME SPLIT Cover iPhone 8 that can last two to three years, according to experts and some major industry directors, British Airways announced on Tuesday (28) another 12 thousand layoffs, reaching a total of 42 thousand, since the beginning of ELVIS PRESLEY Cover iPhone 8 the crisis. On the cover samsung tab s2 same day, the Scandinavian company SAS and the Icelandic Icelandair announced the departure of 5,000 and 2,000 employees, respectively.

Industry professionals, accustomed to absorbing impacts and recovering quickly as after September 11, 2001 and the 2008 financial crisis, this time, fear the double effect of a global recession and the apprehension of passengers, impressed by the rapid expansion of coronavirus around cover samsung galaxy neo plus the world.

companies have HARLEY DAVIDSON CYCLES Cover iPhone 8 defaulted ( governments are providing substantial support, but the situation remains extremely fragile, warned DRAKE ART SIGNATURE Cover iPhone 8 Brian Pearce, chief financial officer of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), on Tuesday. situation is far from being resolved. At the beginning of the year, companies had an average of two months of cash CLUB AMERICA AGUILAS Cover iPhone 8 reserves, which have already run out, he GIVENCHY ROTTWEILER DOG Cover iPhone 8 added.

State aid

The organization estimates a decline in airline revenue in 2020 of $ 314 billion, which represents a 55% drop compared to 2019 revenue. According to IATA, 25 million jobs in aviation and related activities are threatened around the world.

Just over a week ago, Australian giant Virgin Australia, which created 10,000 jobs, admitted that it will not be able to meet its financial obligations, becoming the first major airline to collapse. In Norway, the low cost airline Norwegian Air Shuttle announced on the 20th of the bankruptcy of four subsidiaries in Sweden and Denmark, threatening 4,700 jobs.

Strangled by large fixed costs, companies asked the states for help. The French and Dutch governments announced Friday (24) aid to the two subsidiaries of the Air France KLM group, in the form of direct or guaranteed loans, in the total amount of 9 billion euros to 11 DC COMIC SUPERHERO 7 Cover iPhone 8 billion euros.

Led by airlines, an entire sector CORVETTE SYMBOLS BLACK Cover iPhone 8 suffers

The Lufthansa FRIENDS F.R.I.E.N.D.S Cover iPhone 8 group is in discussion guarantee its solvency with the governments of the four countries in which it operates Germany, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland. Still unsuccessful, Germany plans to temporarily inject up to 9 billion euros in the capital of the traditional company, according to leaks from the press, but, in return, the German state FIVE NIGHTS FREDDY'S BONNIE THE BUNNY Cover iPhone 8 would demand to have its participation in the conduct of business, CHEVROLET NEW LOGO Cover iPhone 8 which would not interest Lufthansa .

In this context of tense negotiations, the company says that it is also examining a kind of procedure which would allow it to catch its breath without NARUTO UCHIHA LOGO Cover iPhone 8 being controlled PANIC AT THE DISCO cover samsung a 7 2018 3 Cover iPhone 8 by a judicial administrator or having to file for bankruptcy.

American Boeing also publishes its results on Wednesday, but has already announced that it THE BEATLES SIMPLE DESIGN Cover iPhone 8 will reduce its headcount by 10%, through COACH NEW YORK MEADOW Cover iPhone 8 direct and voluntary layoffs. The company has already asked for government aid of at least US $ 60 billion, for itself and its 17,000 subcontractors, but it refuses any entry of the federal state into its capital…

HARLEY DAVIDSON CYCLES Cover iPhone 6 6S Samsung Galaxy Notice10 will get Android 10-cover iphone x armani-dibvsu

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HARLEY DAVIDSON CYCLES Cover iPhone 6 6S Largest Scientific Structure-custodia iphone 6s antiurto-ugfxsd

WhatsApp fixes yet another group chat security gap

WhatsApp fixed a security flaw this fall that allowed hackers to cause chaos in group chats GAME OF THRONES Cover iPhone 6 / 6S with a specially crafted message that would LAND ROVER FOUR WHEEL DRIVE Cover iPhone 6 / 6S Plus crash the app, forcing users to uninstall WhatsApp altogether and in many cases lose their data. WONDER cover samsung s7 edge originale 360 gradi WOMAN DIANA COMIC Cover iPhone 6 / 6S Plus While this specific bug was fixed not long after security firm Check Point disclosed it in August, it highlights the challenge of maintaining end to end encryption in group THE CROW MOVIE Cover iPhone 6 cover samsung grand prime g531f silicone / 6S Plus chats. This isn the first group chat bug in WhatsApp, and it BLACK GOKU SUPER SAIYAN ROSE 2 Cover iPhone 6 / 6S Plus unlikely CARBON ORD POWERSTROKE DIESEL LOGO Cover iPhone 6 / cover samsung galaxy s8 plus spigen 6S Plus to be the last.

Fast Fact: 48

That how TOYOTA 86 LOGO Cover iPhone 6 / 6S Plus many people have died from a mysterious vaping related lung illness that has swept the country. While antivaping laws are now coming into effect, they may be doing more harm than MIAMI HURRICANES cover samsung galaxi a 40 LOGO Cover iPhone 6 / 6S Plus good. It turns out this lung disease may be cover samsung galaxy x cover 4 the result of Vitamin E acetate, an ingredient found primarily in black market vapes, POKEMON EEVEE 2 Cover iPhone 6 / cover samsung galaxy s 3 6S Plus and e cigarette SPIRIT OF MUNRO INDIAN MOTORCYCLE Cover iPhone 6 / 6S Plus bans could be driving smokers to more dangerous alternatives…

HARLEY DAVIDSON CYCLES Cover iPhone 5 5S SE Google Pixel 3a Reviews and Specs 30th April 2020-cover samsung j3 2017 mandala-iejsvx

To keep things ticking, BATMAN BEYOND 1 Cover Custodia iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus ICON iPhone 6 / 6S COVER PELLE MQ5J2ZM/A GIALLO GIRASOLE – iPhone 7 / 8 Plus – i you Prada – Saffiano blue iPhone 7 cover – Cases & Covers get a 3,000mAh battery on the Pixel 3a and there is support for 18W fast FIREFIGHTER Cool phrase Pattern Case for iPhone 7 Cover for iPhone 7 casecase QUOTES FIRE DEPT Cover iPhone 5 / 5S / SE wired charging. Other features include Pixel Active Edge where you can squeeze the sides to summon CRACKED OUT GLASS BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT 2 Cover iPhone 6 / 6S Google Assistant, a 3.5mm audio jack, stereo speakers and more. The smartphone runs Android Pie OS, and are guaranteed software DEATH THE KID FACE rejazz iPhone 7 Case iPhone 8 Case Anti-Scratch iPhone 7 Cover SOUL EATER Cover seacosmo Cover iPhone 7 Cover iPhone 8 360 Gradi Rugged Custodia iPhone 6 / 6S updates for the next three years. Connectivity wise, you get dual SIM connectivity one physical SIM and the other is eSIM. Besides, you also get Bluetooth, Wi Fi, GPS, NFC and USB Type C port for charging and data transfer…


Soundcore, as some readers may know, is Anker’s premium level audio branding. Over the past few years, the company has started pumping out some really great products that offer value based awesome musical experiences. You have an angled TPU Custodia per iPhone 7 Cover ZCRO Trasparente con Disegni TPU cylinder speaker with a nice fabric covering. The Flare 2 is IPX7 waterproof and has a silicone anti skid layer on the bottom. They are located on the top of the Flare 2 in a traditional D pad style layout. You press and hold the power button to turn the Flare 2 on and off. Pressing the volume up and down once will change the audio levels. Pressing the Soundcore button activates the voice assistant of your choice. Pressing the button once to turn the lighting effects on and single presses afterward will rotate through the color profiles. While I consider it a gimmick, it’s nice to see Anker include it. The 360 degree sound legitimately fills a room with a rich playback experience. You can sync multiple Flare 2 units together for stereo sound. Once they are linked up, you get an extended, rich stereo experience. The only thing I think is genuinely missing is Chromecast. I was custodia galaxy a6+ samsung truly impressed by this portable unit and I think you will be too. On the other hand, there’s a sizable segment of the market that has iPhone. Its chargers get bigger and better all the time and at prices that stay competitive. After a few weeks of use I’ve yet recognize any giving or slack in the part that keeps the cable locked in. It’s more Lala Berlin Neo Iphone 7 Cover Black/White Ted Baker KADIA Slim Mirror Cover custodia of custodia libro samsung s10 Star Wars R2D2 iPhone 7 Cover plus a dark slate color instead of a silver finish. myCharge Hub Turbo 1 of 9 AvailabilityYou can purchase a myCharge Hub Turbo 10050 for $110 directly from the myCharge website. Currently it’s listed at just $100, a savings of 10% as compared to myCharge’s website. Similarly, the 6700mAh model is just $80 at Amazon.

Soundcore, as some readers may know, is Anker’s premium level audio branding. Over the past few years, the company has started pumping out some really great products that offer value based awesome musical experiences. You have an angled cylinder speaker with a nice fabric covering. The Flare 2 is IPX7 waterproof and has a silicone anti skid layer on the bottom. They are IPhone 11 Pro Max Case custodia iPhone 7 custodia iphone XS Etsy located on the top of the Flare 2 custodia cover rigida per samsung galaxy j3 2016 in a traditional D pad style layout. You press and hold the power button to turn the Flare 2 on and off. Pressing the volume up and custodia samsung s6 verde down once will change the audio levels. Pressing the Soundcore button activates the voice assistant of your choice. Pressing the button once to turn the lighting effects on and single presses afterward will rotate through the color profiles. While I consider it a gimmick, it’s nice to see Anker include it. The 360 Custodia in pelle Apple per iPhone 7 Plus: la recensione di degree sound legitimately fills a room with a rich playback experience. You can sync multiple Flare 2 units together for stereo sound. Once they are linked up, you get an extended, rich stereo experience. The only thing I think is genuinely missing is Chromecast. I was truly impressed by this portable unit and I think you will be too.

If you or someone you know happens to be looking for a new phone, you might want to check out the offer we have iphone7 custodia soft custodia TPU today. You can still visit the AndroidGuys section for freebies and pick something anyhow.

Spring is here and with it comes a handful of key smartphone releases. Some knock the software experience while others point to questionable hardware decisions. We’ve been sent a review unit for use on T Mobile and spent the better part of two weeks using it as a daily driver. Why Simply put, it’s considerably less expensive than what Samsung is doing with its Galaxy S20 line. Corners have to be cut somewhere. If it was priced the same as what Samsung was doing, then you could complain. At 6.8 inches it’s up there with the largest displays on the market. If you’ve ever had a phone with something that wraps around, you probably know how easy it is to register a false tap or press. That’s not the case here. The same goes for screen glare. It feels great in hand, if not a bit heavy. More text on a screen, larger graphics in games, and a better web browsing experience are a plus. And even if you have solid single handed command of them, they’re not exactly light. It’s just a little too big. I’m less inclined to break out Pokemon Go when at the desk. Sure, you can hop back and forth between custodia protettiva samsung a8 2018 apps on any Android phone any day of the week. But to keep them up at custodia samsung tab s t805 the same time That’s fun. The same goes for people who are actively monitoring things in an app or iphone xr custodia mirror compact mirror through a website. Aiding the cause are 8GB memory and 128GB of storage with up to 2TB of external storage via microSD card. There’s a whole array of options to choose from in both hardware and software. Sensor number aside, the software is so much more intuitive. For one, I needed to see what the options were and find the right settings. I Cellularline Sensation – iPhone 8/7 Custodia in silicone soft believe, at least when it comes to flagship phones, that it’s not necessary to compare one model to another. LG V60 Camera Samples 1 of 7 It’s easy to switch between modes and take advantage of the standard and ultra wide angles. And thanks to AI smarts, the phone automatically adjusts lighting, saturation, composition, and other settings. Indeed, it can record 4K and 8K video. While some of my TV sets are 4K Iphoria Mirror Ice Cream Iphone 6 custodia ready, none of them are 8K. These “value added” sort of things are really often no good to someone who has owned a phone or two. McAfee Security seems like the samsung s9 plus custodia originale sort of thing that belongs in the “Essentials” folder, right It’s not. The Play Store should be in the Google one, no T Mobile Play Why isn’t it in the T Mobile folderTaken as a whole, it surely doesn’t match what many other phone makers are doing in terms of navigation and layout. Who wants to take the time to reorganizeUsing the Dual ScreenIf you have the chance to pick up the secondary custodia samsung y5 2017 display accessory, do it. Not only does it give you the Dual Screen book like experience, but the exterior has a screen of its own. When closed you can get at glance information such as time and notification icons. Anchored primarily by the USB Type C port, it snaps in at the top shoulders. It’s super thin and samsung tab s4 custodia practical and really makes sense in a lot of scenarios. The downside You have to remove the phone from the Dual Screen if you want to use any other charging cable. Inconvenient Yes, especially if you like to charge up on the commute. What’s more, the phone is built to handle both sub6 and mmWave technology. You can rest assured that if and when you use 5G on your carrier custodia cellulare samsung galaxy a3 2016 of choice, the phone is ready. Performance wise it’s as good as anything else I’ve tested in the past year. LG V60 1 of 13 The Dual Screen might be an unnecessary gimmick to some, but I find it very helpful.

One of the central thematic axis is also the comparisons. You can found articles with tablet reviews comparison and mobile OS systems or mobile OS stats…

HARLEY DAVIDSON CAMO ORANGE custodia cover iPhone8 New Sony Xperia 5 II video shows off the phone we-Samsung EF-PA515TPEGEU custodia per cellulare 16-ovenwy

However, last year, the Sony Xperia 1 FERRARI LOGO 2 Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 came with a smaller companion piece: the Sony Xperia 5. GIANNIS ANTETOKOUNMPO MILWAUKEE BUCKS Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 With a lot of the same specs as CHARLIE BROWN SNOOPY CARTOON Cover iPhone 8 Plus the Xperia 1, the Xperia 5 ARIEL LITTLE MERMAID DISNEY MOZAIC Cover iPhone 8 Plus was 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER 5SOS CARTOON Cover iPhone 8 Plus slightly smaller and cheaper. But a 5 II was nowhere to INFINITI CAR Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 be seen among Sony’s 2020 phone reveal.

Best Android phonesBest 5G phonesAs of the time of writing, Sony has announced no plans to release an Xperia 5 II ADVENTURE TIME FINN AND JAKE Cover iPhone 8 Plus phone as a companion to its DC SHOES LOGO Cover iPhone 8 Plus Xperia 1 II. Render artist Concept Creator saw this as an omission too, and decided COACH NEW YORK POPPY BLACK Cover iPhone 8 Plus to rectify it with this incredible CAMO BAPE SUPREME GREY Cover iPhone 8 Plus design.

The render retains a lot of what makes the Sony Xperia 1 II great, with the resurgence of HARLEY DAVIDSON SKULL FLAG Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 the headphone jack (great news for audiophiles), the tall, slender screen and the three camera vertical module created in partnership with ZEISS.

(Image credit: Concept Creator)

However, the Sony Xperia 5 II shifts the BLACK OPS CALL OF DUTY Cover iPhone 8 Plus module DARK MAGICIAN Yu-Gi-Oh 5 custodia cover iPhone8 from the far left into the middle of the phone. The cameras are all 12MP, eschewing the huge megapixel count of phones like DORAEMON PUCCA Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 the Samsung BOSTON CELTICS BASKETBALL PLAYER Cover iPhone 8 Plus Galaxy S20 Ultra, but don’t let CLASSIC BATMAN SYMBOL Cover iPhone 8 Plus that fool you pixel counts aren’t everything on a camera. Just take the iPhone 11 Pro, which has one of the best camera arrays in smartphones.

Concept Creator has added a front facing speaker perfect for mobile cinema experiences. The original Xperia 1 was dubbed “the best phone in the JOSH GORDON NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 world for watching movies” and a front facing speaker would only add to this accolade.

Without further ado, check out the full video of the render below:

Will the Xperia 5 II make a triumphant FALLOUT 4 custodia cover iPhone8 return to the range It HARDSHELL OAKLAND RAIDERS custodia cover iPhone8 all depends on how well the 1 II does: Batman Logo Black Yellow 2 Cover iPhone 8 Plus if the phone proves wildly popular, a cheaper version is likely to appear.

We’re hoping to see the Xperia 1 II, the Xperia 10 II and the Xperia L4 on shelves early May. We’ll keep you posted with any CHICAGO CUBS 3 custodia cover iPhone8 updates on the handsets as soon as the information is revealed…